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Continued experimentation after Ojos de Brujo ...

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Experimental music continues after Ojos de Brujo ended up.

LENACAY is an experimental music project that fuses flamenco and different languages ​​of musical expression. It´s an innovative journey through time that runs from flamenco roots and culture, to electronic beats, rumba melodies and rythm patterns, funky basslines and electric guitars.

Ramón Giménez "El Brujo" (The Warlock) the founder, and most active member of Ojos de Brujo, the band which became a reference into World Music during the last decade and awarded with a Latin Grammy as best Flamenco Album, World Music Awards 2004, Magazine "The Elastic Band" in Los Angeles USA, Award for Best Tour 2004 by the Royal Academy of Music 2004 World Music Awards, , "Miradas 2" TVE Award..

But he is not alone on this trip. Other five great artists are on board of the Lenacay ship: Paula Domínguez, Ramón Mejías, Francisco “Rubio” Guisado, El Guerra, Tito Juanpe y Carolina Morgado make the perfect band for this adventure, providing their music skills, wide experience and renewed energies.

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An electronic version, club soundsystem, with the spirit of a "flamenco show": LENACAY SOUND SYSTEM
(Singer, dj, flamenco guitar and flamenco dancer)

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The acoustic version of Lenacay: LENACAY UNPLUGGED
(Singer and two guitars)

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